Specially designed for packaging a large range of products (food and non-food) “Implen” provides high barrier properties due to its composition.



Three-layer material consisting of: Paper + Polyethylene + metalized Polypropylene. This material offers great barrier properties and nice appearance. Thanks to its flexibility and elasticity, it is commonly used for packaging coffee, crackers, chips, etc. Internal metalized layer protects the content in the packaging.

Material density: 77 g / m².



Two-layer material consisting of: Paper + metalized Polypropylene (solvent lamination). Duplex offers a higher adhesion between materials and a high stiffness. Internal metalized layer protects the content in the packaging.

Material density: from 71 to 100 g / m

ENG_duplex(CA_BOPP (мет)).jpg


Four-layer materials with strong barrier properties due to the aluminum foil layer of 6.3µ. Its strong hygroscopicity makes Buflen an ideal solution for packaging wipe tissues and medicines. It also has shape-memory effect.

Material density: 100 g / m².

Prior testing for packaging liquids and moistures is required.

ENG_buflen (CA_PE_AL_PE).jpg

Laminated aluminum foil (Three-layer material)

Three-layer material consisting of: greaseproof paper + adhesive or polyethylene + aluminum foil. Commonly used for packaging fats and milky products. Surface can be glossy or matt.

ENG_foil_X3 (AL_CA).jpg

Laminated aluminum foil (Four-layer material)

Four-layer material consisting of: paper + polyethylene + aluminum foil + polyethylene. The second polyethylene layer is in contact with the product and provides an additional moisture barrier. Commonly used for packaging cheese, cottage cheese, etc.

ENG_foil_X4 (AL_CA_PE).jpg

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