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Requirement for layouts

  • File in Adobe Illustrator until CS 5 version.
  • Natural size layout with dimensions.
  • No more than 8 colors, including white.
  • If any element requires a Pantone color, this element should be painted with this Pantone (Pantone Solid Coated).
  • White ink should be indicated on a separate layer and separate Pantone.
  • Raster images must be in TIFF or PSD, linked, and must have an embedded color profile with a 300 dpi resolution.
  • If the bitmap is a collage, every element should be placed on different layers.
  • Text should be part of the vector file. Text font should be sent together with the file.
  • Font size should not be smaller than 5pt.
  • Text font smaller than 12pt should be monochromatic and if is white, it should be on a monochromatic layer.
  • Lines cannot be thinner than 0,2mm.
  • Lines thinner than 0,5mm should be monochromatic and if they are white, it should be on a monochromatic layer.
  • Vector files do not admit effects.

All files that do not comply with these pre-requisites will slow down the fulfillment of orders

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